Environmental responsibility

Commitments to the environment

Since April 2011, Gráficas Planisi has had FSC forestry certification, providing a new service to companies interested in using paper from controlled forests and certifying this choice with the printing of the FSC logo on their products.

Today, concern for the conservation of the planet’s forest mass and of forests in critical areas of America or Asia, or anywhere in the world, has made the public demand control over the origin of the raw material derived from timber. The FSC seal guarantees the use of material from controlled sources, that is, from fast-growing tree plantations under the control and supervision of international organizations that are part of the Forest Stewarship Council.
Therefore, by using the FSC logo on their products they are guaranteeing their recipients the responsible origin of the raw materials used in their manufacturing.
With this certification, Gráficas Planisi obtains excellence in environmental management (the first printing industry to have it in the Balearic Islands), and in addition, it has certificates according to the ISO 14001 standard and the EMAS community regulation.

The FSC material chain of custody:

The Chain of Custody is the journey that raw materials, processed materials and products take, from the forest to the final consumer, including all stages of the process: collection, transportation, transformation and distribution.
Chain of Custody certification involves the evaluation of the forestry production line, from the tree to the final product, to verify that the wood used comes from a well-managed forest.

The Chain of Custody certification can also be used to demonstrate compliance with responsible purchasing policies of the Administration or private entities (such as the Decret de la Stata of the Barcelona City Council or the Responsible Purchase Commitment of wood of the Madrid City Council). .

Certifications of Gráficas Planisi SA.

Gráficas Planisi has obtained the following international certifications.

– Quality

ISO-9001: 2008. Since January 2001. (BVQI). International certification in Quality management.

– Environment.

ISO-14001:2004 (SGS). International Certificate of Environmental Management
EMAS community regulation. (SGS). Only Graphic Industry in the Balearic Islands. This standard expands the requirements of ISO 14001 and is specific to the European Economic Community.
FSC (Certified with SGS). Forest Certification that allows you to identify products manufactured with raw materials of responsible and controlled origin.